All areas of fast-moving technologies covered!

Here is the list of our tech stacks. We can honestly state that everyday we are learning something new. The company has a great dedicated R&D team and every new project is an adventure that we take on with no fear to deliver what is needed - on time and of good quality!


Frontend Classic

HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery Smarty Twig Less/Sass Gatsby.js Hugo

Frontend Modern

ReactJS React Native VueJS Android Native Flutter Apollo GraphQL Client

API Development

AWS Serverless REST GraphQL


Oxid Shopware Shopify

Microservice Architectures

Docker Kubernetes Traefik AWS EKS/ECR AWS Fargate AWS Lambdas Google Functions Google Cloud Run GKE Krakend

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

TensorFlow OpenCV Yolo v3

Business Intelligence

ES Kinesis S3 Athena RedShift QuickSight

Backend Stacks

PHP - Symfony Python - Django NodeJS - Express/LoopBack/Restify MySQL MongoDB ES